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The page allows you to recalculate and print one or more of the following reports for multiple attendance reporting periods and multiple schools. All the reports are available for users logged on at the district level. If logged on to a campus, only the student detail and campus reports are available.

The first three reports correspond to the auditable Texas attendance reports which are also available from the Reports menu. When run for multiple reporting periods, totals are by individual reporting period, and each reporting period has its own section of the report.

The Summary Totals reports summarize the Summary reports, combining all selected reporting periods, allowing for a single report for the full school year. When run for multiple reporting periods, the totals are for all reporting periods combined.

  • Student Attendance Campus Summary Totals
  • Student Attendance District Summary Totals


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Print masked social security number.
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  1. Under Reports to Run, select one or more reports to be recalculated or printed.

  2. Under Reporting Periods, select one or more attendance reporting periods to be recalculated or printed.

  3. Under Schools, select at least one school. This section is only available to district-level users.

    • Show active schools only is selected by default. Clear the field to include inactive schools in the list.

    • In the Filter field, type all or part of the name or school code to narrow the list of campuses.

    • Click the row to select a specific campus, or click Select All Schools to include all listed campuses in the report. You can click Clear All to de-select the campuses.

  4. Under Options:

    • Select Recompute attendance calculations to recompute the attendance data totals as the report is generated. If a reporting period is re-calculated, all subsequent reporting periods must be re-calculated.

    • In the Display SSN field, indicate if student social security numbers should be printed, masked, or not printed. This is only available to users who have appropriate security. Otherwise, None is the only option. See Social Security Number Exposure.

    • Under Attendance Certification Text you can customize the text that prints at the bottom of the report.


  5. Click Generate Reports.

    An alert message notifies you that the process may take a while to complete. Click OK.

    The more reports selected, the longer the process will take.

    A Progress bar opens which displays the percentage of progress in generating the reports.

    Click Continue Process in Background to close the Progress bar and access other pages. The report process continues while other pages are accessed. An email notification is sent when the report is completed.

  6. Completed reports are listed under Completed Reports. Click the Download icon to access the report(s). If multiple reports were generated, they are zipped when downloaded.