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Navigate to Attendance Accounting > Mass Run Attendance Reports.

The Mass Run Attendance Reports page will recalculate and print the Student Attendance Detail, Student Attendance Campus Summary, and Student Attendance District Summary reports for multiple Attendance Reporting Periods and multiple schools.

Student Attendance Detail (Side by Side)

Student Attendance Campus Summary (Side by Side)

Student Attendance District Summary (Side by Side)

Mass Run Attendance Reports page


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Under Reports to Run, check the boxes for each report that should be recalculated or printed. 

Under Reporting Periods, check each Attendance Reporting Period that should be recalculated or printed.

Choose the reports and Reporting Periods to recalculate or print

If no reports and/or no Attendance Reporting Periods are selected, when the Generate Reports button is pressed, an error message will be displayed at the top of the page:

At the district level, all three of the reports are available for selection along with multiple Reporting Periods.

One or more schools must be selected. Click on each school to select it. Alternatively, press the Select All Schools button. Inactive schools will not be displayed in the list unless the Show active schools only checkbox is de-selected. To clear the school selections click the Clear All button.

At the school level only two reports are available for selection, Student Attendance Detail and Student Attendance Campus Summary, along with multiple Reporting Periods.

The Schools horizontal tab will not be displayed.


To recompute attendance check the Recompute attendance calculations.


The Display SSN field allows users who have Security rights to the StudentSSN to select how or if the SSN prints to the Student Attendance Detail Report, by None, Last 4 or Full. 

 If the user does not have rights to the StudentSSN, the only option is None.

The Attendance Certification text fields are defaulted, but can be updated.

Once school(s) have been selected clicking on the Generate Reports button will begin the report process.  

An alert message will display indicating the process may take some time to complete. Click OK to close the Alert.

When the Report process begins a Progress bar will display showing the percentage progress. 

There is an option in the Progress box to Continue Process in background. Clicking on this will close the progress bar and enable the node menu selections allowing the selection on a different page. The report process will continue while other pages are accessed.

An email will be sent when the report has completed. The completed report process will display in the Completed Reports grid.  Click the download icon to down load the report(s). If multiple reports were selected and/or multiple reporting periods, the reports will be zipped when downloaded. 

NOTE: The more reporting periods and schools selected the longer the report(s) will take to complete.