Navigate to Scheduling Process > Courses > Standards tab

The Standards-Based Courses (SBR) table allows courses to be linked with standards for “pull-out” teachers in an Elementary with Master school and also for schools using Flex Scheduling, Section Staff or Primary Class Tracking

Courses used in the Master Schedule must be linked to standards used in the Standards Based Report card so that section teachers are assigned to the standards that are associated with the course that they teach.

NOTE: For schools using Standard Based Grades and scheduling types of Flex Scheduling or Section Staff (not with Primary Class Tracking), all standards in the report card setup must be linked to a course in the Standards-Based Courses (SBR) table. 

School using scheduling types of Elementary with Master or Section Staff with Primary Class Tracking, will use the primary teacher for standards not linked in the Standards-Based Courses (SBR) table.

Below is an example of a school using Flex Scheduling and Primary Class Tracking. In order for the teachers to enter Standard Based Grades for the students in the courses they teach, the courses need to be linked in the Standards-Based Courses (SBR) table.  The Primary Teacher will be assigned to standards not linked.

Linking The Standards To Courses

The Standards tab in the Courses screen is used to define which standards apply to each course and if they display on the report card. Standards assigned to courses at one school or at the District level will apply for all schools. Users will need full permissions to Course Data (CRS) to associate a standard to a course. See the Standards Based Grade Tables and Security article for more information about the security settings.

To define a standard for a course enter enter the Course Name or Course ID into the Search box and click on Go. Select the course to view it. Click on the Standards tab. Click on Add Standard(s).

Courses - Standards tab

The following screen will display.

Courses - Standards tab - search for a standard that contains "math" in the description example - California

Courses - Standards tab - search for a standard that contains "math" in the description example - Texas

To search for a standard enter a key word or the first few letters to filter for in the Search box. Select the Type of Standard to choose. The options are either a Local standard or a state standard. These standards must already be defined in the Standards table in order to choose them.  Enter the Grade level of the standard to limit the number of standards that appear in the list. Click on Go.

A list of all of the standards that meet the selection criteria will come up. Click on the standard that will be associated with the course to select it. If the standard has sub-standards and you wish to also associate those standards to the course leave the Include Related Standards option selected. Click on OK to complete this process.

Please refer to the Defining Standards for a Course section of the Setting up Standards for Secondary Standards Based Grade article for more information on how to add standards to a Course.

NOTE: To add only the higher level standard to a course without its' sub-standards, de-select the Include Related Standards option before clicking on OK to add the standard.