Session Description

In “Elementary with Primary Class”, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the transition from a Traditional Elementary School setting to using Flex Scheduling and Primary Class Tracking. Through a detailed exploration of fundamental concepts and terminology, participants will learn how to configure an elementary school in Aeries to effectively implement Flex scheduling with Primary Class Tracking.   

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Identify the steps involved in creating a master schedule using Flex Scheduling, including the definition and management of Flex Periods, Class Calendars, and Sections 

  • Describe how to navigate the Staff table instead of the Teacher table and utilize Daily Attendance with a Flex Master Schedule 

  • Recall the process of identifying the Primary Class for each student to establish the Teacher of Record 

  • Demonstrate the ability to configure and manage Flex Scheduling and Primary Class Tracking in an elementary school setting 

  • Explain the fundamental concepts and terminology necessary to effectively implement Flex scheduling in an elementary school 

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