Gradebook has been modified to support the Master Schedule section field "Multi-School Gradebook Enabled" (MST.MSGE) which will allow a Gradebook to be created using sections from different schools in the District. Master Schedule sections with this field enabled can be linked to a Multi-School Gradebook involving associated Section Staff Members that can assist with team teaching scenarios that occur in different schools in the District.


To use a Multi School Gradebook, the Master Schedule Sections to be associated with the Gradebook must have the Multi-School Gradebook Enabled (MST.MSGE) field selected. 

In Portal Options the Gradebook Portal Option "Allow Teachers to Link Sections from Multiple Schools" also needs to be enabled for any school that will have a Master Schedule section available to use in a Multi School Gradebook. 

The Master Schedule sections that will be used with a Multi School Gradebook need to be associated with all teachers involved with the section.  All applicable teachers for the section should be listed under the Section Staff Members area. 

In the following example, Teacher Acosta’s primary school is Screaming Eagle High School. Teacher Acosta has students in classes at other schools in her District who she interacts with in Zoom virtual sessions. The class sections involved are scheduled in the Master Schedule at other schools. 

Teacher Acosta needs to create a Gradebook that will include the sections from the other schools. Teacher Acosta has been added as a Section Staff Member to Section 43 in Hawk High School as shown in the screenshot below. Teacher Acosta is listed on the section along with the sections Primary Teacher Hogan who is at Hawk High School. 

Teacher Acosta being associated as a Section Staff Member on Hawk High Schools Section 43 will allow her to be able to see and associate Section 43 when she creates a Gradebook. This will give Teacher Acosta the ability to utilize Gradebook with her Zoom students in Hawk High School. 

Currently the Gradebook created is only available to the teacher and school it was created in.