The Mass Create Gradebooks page allows a school to mass create teacher gradebooks for all sections in a school. The Mass Create Gradebooks page is available for secondary schools and elementary schools with a master schedule. 


Security options for the Mass Create Gradebooks page is found under Gradebook in the Grade Reporting section. Users that will be mass creating gradebooks for their school site will need Administer rights to the GBK table.  

The Mass Create Gradebooks page can be found under School Info -> Functions -> Mass Create Gradebooks in the Navigation Menu or by typing Mass Create Gradebooks in the menu filter.  The Mass Create Gradebooks page will only display for users with the appropriate security rights set for their account. 

Mass Creating Gradebooks

The Filters and Options section of the Mass Create Gradebooks page allows users to filter by Teacher, Section, Period, Course Subject Area, Department, and Room, and select class sections that fall within the filtered selection to create gradebooks. The Advanced Section Filter is also available to search for sections. Information on using the Advanced Section Filter can be found in the Advanced Section Selection Feature for Pages and Reports documentation.

Sections can be limited to only those sections which have enrolled students by placing a check mark in the Sections w/ Students selection box. Sections that have the same Class ID and Primary Teacher in the Master Schedule can be linked by placing a check box in the Link Sections with the same Class ID and Primary Teacher to the same Gradebook selection box. If this option is selected only one gradebook will be created for these sections. In schools using Section Staff, the Primary Teacher is based on the Primary Teacher designated in the class section. For schools using regular scheduling, the primary teacher is based on the designated teacher in the Master Schedule. 

In the example below sections are being filtered by teacher and the option to display only sections with students has been checked. The teacher selected is Alvarado (610) and there are three sections displayed for this teacher. The Option to Link Sections with the same Class ID and Primary teacher to the same gradebook has been selected.  In the Master Schedule sections 3011 and 4008 have the same Class ID assigned to them.  

The Terms section displays the available terms from the school site. If a school site is using Gradebook Grading Periods school terms will not display in this section. Information on using Grading Periods can be found in the Gradebook Grading Periods documentation. If not using Gradebook Grading Periods at least one Term must be selected in order to create gradebooks. If multiple terms are selected, the terms must not overlap. 

A Templates section will display if Gradebook Templates are in use by the school site. To display gradebook templates place a check mark in the Use Templates selection box. All available Gradebook Templates will be displayed including gradebook templates shared by other school sites. Only one gradebook template can be selected at a time to create teacher gradebooks. If different templates need to be applied to different groups of sections the process will need to be run multiple times. Information on using Templates at school sites can be found in the Gradebook Templates documentation.

Click the Create Gradebooks button to mass create the teacher gradebooks. A confirmation message will display confirming the actions that will occur. In this example the confirmation message notifies the user that gradebooks will be created for the three sections selected above. Sections with the same Class ID and Primary teacher will be associated with the same Gradebook and all gradebooks will have a term of Year which is the term selected above. Click the OK button to proceed. 

A second confirmation message will display confirming the number of gradebooks that have been created.  In this example two gradebooks have been created: one for Teacher Aide sections 3011 and 4008 which have the same Class ID and the second gradebook for section 7058. Click the OK button to clear the confirmation message.