The Student Wellbeing fields (Wellbeing Date (WD), Wellbeing Score (WS) and Wellbeing Attention Value (WA)) are stored in the Student Data (STU) table. The Admin user type automatically has the ability to view and edit these fields. 

User and Group accounts that will be able to view the Student Wellbeing data will need Read to the Student Data (STU) security area. Accounts that will be able to add or update Student Wellbeing data will need Update to the Student Data (STU) .

Group and Portal Group views of the Student Wellbeing data can be further managed by using field level permissions. For example, a Group could have Read permission to the Student Data (STU) table in general, but have Deny permissions to the Wellbeing fields. in this case members in this group will see N/A in the Wellbeing fields rather than the data. 

Please view this article:  Security  for more detailed information on how to set up permissions for users and groups.

API Security

The Student Wellbeing fields can also be populated from third party vendors through an API update. In order for this to occur the vendor will need Read and Update to the Student Data area on the API Security page as well as field level Update to the three Wellbeing fields.

For more information about API's please see the API Documentation.

Code Table

The various codes that will be used in the Student Data Wellbeing Attention Value (STU.WA) field must be added to the Code Table (COD) in order for the system to properly display their description. The Default Code Management page can be used to quickly import default Wellbeing Attention Value codes into the COD table. 

The Update Code Table page can be used to add or update customized Wellbeing Attention Value codes. This page can also be used to add a color code and an emoji to the Wellbeing Attention Value codes. Select the Edit icon to edit the Wellbeing Attention Value record. Then select the color in the Color Code dropdown for that code. Save the changes. 

To add an emoji select the Image icon while in view mode

Use the Change Image button to select the emoji for the code. Save the changes. 


For more information about updating the Code Table (COD) please see the Code Table Management articles.