The Settings page in the Teacher App displays the following options and information.


The Fingerprint Sign In option will allow the user to enable biometric fingerprint login if the phone has biometric capabilities and is enabled.  When the option is turned on, the login screen will display a fingerprint icon.  Selecting this icon will prompt the user with a message to scan the fingerprint. Once it has been successfully scanned, the app will automatically open.


If the fingerprint does not match, a message will display indicating No Match


All schools the teacher has access to will display in the Active School list. This dropdown is used to toggle between schools. The Home page also has an option to change between schools. 


The Teacher App has an option to enable dark mode if the device has dark mode capabilities. This option is disabled by default. 

A sample of the attendance screen in dark mode is shown below.

App Info

The App Info displays the Version last downloaded from the phone's Play Store and the Portal Version will display the most recent Aeries update applied to the database. The App's Version will also display on the login page.