Populate the Next Course Field 

Run Create Sections for Next Term 


The Create Sections for Next Term function will create new sections for a subsequent term, based on the sections in the original term. This function can be used for the current schedule using the MST and SEC tables, or during scheduling using the SMS and SSS tables. The sections are created for any course which has a Next Course (CRS.NC) field populated. The form has been adjusted to work in a Flex Scheduling school or school using Section Staff. When the new section is created from this process, only section staff records (SSE) that are active during the term being created will be copied along with the MST section. If an SSE record has an End Date prior to the next term, that teacher record will not be copied over. When copying SMS & SSS, all section staff (SSM) records tied to the section will copy.

Sections can be created for the same course in the next term or for a series of courses taken sequentially. Sections of the first course should be created and scheduled for the first term. Then using this function, sections for the second course in the sequence (or for the same course) could be created for the following term. The same students scheduled into sections of the first course would be scheduled into matching sections of the course in the next term.

For example, a series of trimester-long Spanish courses (Spanish 1A, Spanish 1B, Spanish 1C) could be scheduled using this function. Sections for the first course (Spanish 1A) would be created in term 1 and students would be scheduled for that term. The Create Sections for Next Term function could be used at that point to create sections for the subsequent course (Spanish 1B) in the next term. The Spanish 1B sections in the subsequent term would be "duplicate" sections:  the same students, teacher, and period. The process would be repeated to copy sections of Spanish 1B from term 2 to sections of Spanish 1C in term 3, using Spanish 1C as the Next Course for Spanish 1B.

Populate the Next Course Field

Before using the Create Sections for Next Term function, the Next Course (CRS.NC) field must be populated for every course that is expected to be used by this function. In the example below, course 344 (Spanish 1A) has been created. The Next Course is 345 (Spanish 1B), so 345 has been populated in the Next Course field.  

Add the correct Next Course to each applicable course. The Next Course field can be a different course (for courses taken in sequence) or the same course. 

Additionally, check to make sure that no courses include a Next Course, if you do not want sections of the course to be duplicated in the following term.

Run Create Sections for Next Term

Filter Pages by "create sections" or navigate to Scheduling Process > Functions > Create Sections for Next Term.

Press the Create Sections/Assignments button. A confirmation popup will be displayed.

Click the OK button to continue. Another confirmation popup will be displayed.

NOTE:  If the process is run twice, sections for the next term will be created again and duplicate sections will be created in the following term. It is important to only run this option one time for each selected term per schoolyear.

Click OK if you want to continue. An informational message will be displayed:

An email will be sent when the process is completed and the next term's sections have been created. If students are in the existing sections, they will be scheduled into the next term's sections. A message will display in the email indicating the school that was updated, the number of new sections added, and the number of students added to the next course.