This two-hour training provides an overview of the setup, navigation, and function of the Aeries Teacher Portal. Session will include such topics as navigating the Navigation Tree, Searching for Students, Attendance, access to Student Data, Reports, and Resources. 

Needs of additional districts may vary. For training requests, please email


Recommended Attendees

  • Teachers
  • TOSAs
  • Site Admin/IT Staff who support teachers


Expected Outcomes

Upon completing this Aeries training session, attendees will be able to:

  • Login and logout of Aeries database 
  • Edit User Settings for individual logins
  • Identify features on the Home Page
  • Master maneuvering through the Navigation Tree
  • Search for students using multiple methods
  • Submit Attendance 
  • Access Student Data in various tables
  • Search and download Reports available to teachers
  • Communicate with parent and students using Aeries email process
  • Locate and access numerous helpful Aeries Resources



Introduction to the Teacher Portal

Aeries Teacher Portal Attendance

Aeries Teacher Portal Videos