WARNING: Student and staff Social Security numbers (SSNs) are used in limited places throughout Aeries. Districts should be aware of the pages that provide this information and should limit user access carefully.  

Explicit permission to Student SSN and/or Staff SSN must be granted to Users in order to view, add, or edit an SSN stored in the ESD table. The ESD table cannot be queried, and all data in that table is encrypted.

  • Read - View last four digits of SSN
  • Update - Add/edit encrypted data and view only last four digits of SSN
  • Mass Update - Use Encrypt SSN Long Running Process (LRP) to encrypt uploaded data
  • Administrator - Add/edit encrypted data and view full SSN

Allow Collection of Social Security Numbers via Encrypted Student/Staff Data (ESD) on the School Settings page controls campus-level access. When disabled, it supersedes user-level access. See Encrypted Student Data.

SSNs are present in the following places:

Student Data

  • Student Demographics - Student Data 2
    Student Data > Demographics > Student Data 2
    The Soc-Sec-Num field, initially hidden behind Unique ID, displays the student's SSN. See Secure Access to Student SSNs for more information.

    (Texas only) When using the Assign ID function for Unique ID, the student SSN is included in data sent to TEA via webservice.

Texas State Reporting

  • TSDS Extract for StaffAssociationExtension 
    InterchangeStaffAssociationExtension.xml contains the staff SSN (ID).

  • TSDS Extract for StudentParent Extension
    InterchangeStudentParentExtension.xml contains the student SSN ('State':IdentificationCode).

  • TSDS Extract for Student Extension
    InterchangeStudentExtension.xml contains the student SSN ('State':IdentificationCode).

Texas Unique ID Processing

  • Texas Unique ID Extract
    Texas State Reporting > Unique ID Functions
    The extract contains the student SSN.

  • Texas Unique ID - Assign Texas Unique ID
    Texas State Reporting > Unique ID Functions > Assign Unique ID
    The student SSN is included in data sent to TEA via webservice.

TREx (Texas only)

  • TREx Export - AAR


    The AAR export file contains the student SSN (StudentID).

  • TREx Export - Student Record
    The AAR export file contains the student SSN (StudentID).


  • Student Attendance Detail Report (Texas only)
    Reports > Student Attendance Detail 
    Student Information section prints student SSN (Soc Sec Num).
    NOTE: This report can also be printed from the Mass Run Attendance Reports page.

  • Transcripts (One-column)
    Reports > Grades > Student Transcripts (Transcript Definition = one-column option, and Print Social Security Number is selected on Transcript Definition page for that design)
    Header includes student SSN (Soc-Sec-Num).

  • Texas Assessment Precode Extracts
    School Info > Imports and Exports > Texas Assessment Precode Extracts
    The extract file contains the student's SSN (PEIMS-ID column).

  • Print 1098T (Future Enhancement)
    Financials > Financial Transactions
    The 1098-T report contains the student's SSN (STUDENT'S TIN).