Aeries Software encourages the use of third party vendors whenever the district sees a good fit. We want districts to use whatever software they feel is best, and encourage interoperability between Aeries and third party vendors. Vendors get data from Aeries in a variety of ways. This document is a guide to troubleshoot some common issues where vendors may not be getting the data they are expecting.

  • Some students or teachers are not being seen in the third party system, or are having accounts being created but not rostering or enrollment/rostering information:
    • Many vendors use dates to determine enrollment, so be sure there are no overlapping dates, blank dates, or inaccurate enrollment data in Course Attendance or Enrollment History. Most of these types of errors can be caught by the Course Attendance Audit Listing.
    • Many vendors rely on the student email address field (STU.SEM) to be populated to use as a username or otherwise uniquely identify the student. Be sure the Student Email Address (STU.SEM) field is populated for all students before your third party system needs the data. If you have processes in place to populate this field, be sure that has completed before the vendor pulls the data.
    • Confirm that staff and teacher email addresses populated and are consistent throughout Aeries. Be sure the email addresses in Staff (STF), and Security Users (UGN) are all populated and all match in ALL schools where records are present.
    • If using Teachers (TCH) table, be sure staff email addresses are populated and consistent across all schools in TCH, where a TCH record is present. This includes schools not being used including summer schools or inactive schools because often records from all schools are merged together, particularly if using OneRoster. Having a missing username at one school could result in a blank username for all schools.
  • Vendors are unable to access data at all
    • If your vendor is using the Aeries API or OneRoster API to access data (not CSV files), confirm they have the permissions they need on the API Security page in Aeries.
  • Student contact Records should never contain a student's email addresses. Having a contact record (CON.EM) using the same email address as the student (STU.SEM or STU.NID) will cause issues with invalid data, especially when using the OneRoster API.
  • Additional FAQs will be added to this article in the future.