Session Description

Aeries can guide staff on how to manage Student Program Data to ensure that CALPADS files are extracted with the most up to date and accurate data. This session will include the various pages and methods data can be entered for such programs as Free and Reduced Lunch, 504 Plans, and Special Programs that will be submitted through the CALPADS SPRG file. This data is needed throughout the school year for a variety of CALPADS file submissions.

Session Content

  • Provides general information on the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) 
  • Highlighting State Reporting fields and defining Required fields
  • Entering and maintaining required Student Data reporting fields
  • Entering student data required for 504 Plans
  • Discussing changes in reporting to CALPADS through Special Education Reporting System for Special Education data
  • Entering student data required for Free and Reduced Meals NSLP
  • Entering student data in Special Programs – Title I, Homeless, Foster
  • Accessing Aeries and CALPADS resources related to Data Reporting requirement

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