Exemptions from Attendance Accounting Time Restrictions

Schools have been given the ability to override Attendance Accounting Time Restrictions for taking student attendance. Attendance Accounting Time Restrictions which manage when a teacher can take attendance for his/her classes are set in the Portal Options page of each school.

Portal Options

Time restrictions for teacher attendance are set in the Attendance tab of a school’s Portal Options page. If an exemption is set for a section in the Master Schedule and the “Lock Teacher Attendance for a class after the teacher clicks the 'Attendance Complete' button” option has been enabled, the Portal Option will not be overridden if the teacher has submitted attendance.  Attendance for that section will be locked. Please refer to the Portal Options – Attendance documentation for additional information regarding setting time restrictions for teacher attendance.

School Programs

If a school has enabled either the Remote Synchronous (RS) or Remote Asynchronous (RA) school program in their School Programs page, the time restrictions set in Portal Options will automatically be ignored for the date range that the School Program is in effect. 

Master Schedule

The Master Schedule page and Scheduling Master Schedule page now include the “Exempt from Time Restriction” field which can be used to tag individual sections as exempt from attendance time restrictions set in Portal Options. The “Exempt from Time Restriction” field can be used to support remote instruction.  When the “Exempt from Time Restriction” field is populated with a “Yes”, teachers will be able to take attendance for their Remote Asynchronous classes outside of the normal time requirements set for regular On-site or Remote Synchronous classes.

When a section is tagged with a Y (Yes) in the “Exempt from Time Restriction” field the time restrictions set in the Attendance tab of a school’s Portal Options page will not apply to the individual section. If a teacher has two sections scheduled for the same period, the exemption will only apply to the tagged section. Only the section that is exempt will be editable outside of the Portal Option time restriction. 

To set the “Exempt from Time Restriction” field click on the Change button on the desired section on the Master Schedule page.

Click the down-arrow on the Exempt from Time Restrictions field to Y – Yes, Click the Save button to save your changes. 

The section is now set to ignore time restrictions set on the schools Portal Options page. The same steps can be used to set the exemption on the Scheduling Master Schedule page.