"Admin" and "User" type accounts have the ability to log into Aeries EM2. The "Admin" user type account will have access to all EM2 screens without any changes to permissions.

The individual "User" user type account will need to be given Read permission to Enable EM2 App and Read permission to various areas to view data on the EM2 screens.

  • Read to Student Date (STU) provides access to the Contact Information screen which includes information stored on the Demographics page in Aeries such as the primary phone number, student email address, Parent/Guardian name, the student's primary and secondary contacts, mailing address and residence address.
  • Read to Emergency Contacts (CON) provides access to the Contact screen
  • Read to Student Attendance (ATT) provides access to the Attendance and Attendance Summary screens
  • Read to Assertive Discipline (ADS) provides access to both the Discipline screen and the Administrative Actions screen
  • Read to Medical History (MHS) provides access to the Medical History screen
  • Read to Authorizations and Prohibitions (AUT) provides access to the Authorization screen
  • Read to Master Schedule (MST) provides allows the user to perform a Class Roster search by Teacher, Room or Period.

  • Read to Class Schedule History (Course Attendance) (CAR) provides access to the Class Schedule and Class Details screens
  • Read to Enable EM2 App (EM2) allows the user to log into the Aeries EM2 App with their Aeries username and password.