The Aeries Mobile Portal App honors the same Aeries security and portal options that affect the information available to the parents and students when they access the Parent/Student Portal on a browser. 


The Mobile Portal App has a series of "screens" that the parents and students can choose from in a menu at the bottom of the app. The majority of these screens are dependent upon the Parent/Student Group permissions granted in the Security | Portal Groups settings in Aeries.  The most important permission that the group must have are Read permissions to STU. If the district is only giving field-level permissions to certain fields in STU, the Read permissions must include STU.SC and STU.ID. Without READ permissions to these fields, the app may not work correctly. The Parent/Student Group must also have Read permissions to Gradebooks (GBS) to see information on the Grades screen in a secondary school or Elementary School using MST.

Student Data (STU)Read
View student demographic on all pages
Gradebooks Scores (GBS)Read
View gradebook information on the Grades page
Attendance (ATT)ReadView Attendance page
Report Card History (RCH)ReadView report card history 
Contacts (CON)ReadView contact information
Financials (FTS, FTD, FPS)ReadView financials information if supported by the district
Communications System AccessReadWill display if supported by the district

NOTE: DO NOT set DENY permissions on STU fields SC or ID for the parent or student portal groups otherwise the app may not work correctly.


The Home page displays the student name and any associated students attached to the account.  If the user is a parent, the student name will have a drop-down to toggle between students.  

Recent Changes will display any changes made to a gradebook recently that has not already been viewed. Upcoming assignments will also display to reflect assignments that are due in one or more of the student's classes. Clicking on the assignment will display more information about the assignment such as a description or due date. 

In order to see this information, the parent/student portal group must have READ permissions to STU and GBS.


The Grades screen is similar to the Profile screen in Aeries Parent/Student Portal. It is a listing of all of the Gradebooks that a student has along with the teacher's name. If a teacher has not set up gradebooks then it will list the course title and the teacher's name. For a student in an elementary school with no master schedule and no gradebooks it will list the teacher's name.

The Parent/Student Group must have READ to Gradebooks (GBS) to see information on the Grades screen.


The Attendance tab will display any attendance that has been submitted by a teacher as defined in the absence code table. The attendance will display somewhat differently depending on the school's attendance type. In a school setting using daily attendance, the absence will display the all day absence code and description. In a school using period attendance, the periods will be listed to reflect all periods in the student's schedule that are flagged to take attendance.  If a student has been marked with an absence code for the entire day, the description will show instead of a breakdown by period.  In a flex school, the Flex Period short title will display 

The Parent/Student Group must have READ to ATT

Additional areas will only be available when given access to the tables listed or 3rd party app is enabled.

  • Aeries Communications - Communications System Access and only if 3rd party app is enabled
  • Report Card History - Read permissions to RCH
  • Financials - Read permissions to FTS, FTD, FPS and only if 3rd party app is enabled
  • Notifications 
  • Contacts - Read permissions to CON
  • Demographics - Read permissions to STU