For decades, schools have been printing and mailing home report cards several times per year. These might be in window envelopes, self-mailers, or just printed on plain paper handed out to students. Schools may be looking for alternate means to distribute paperless report cards online, and Aeries has the tools to do this.

Electronic report cards have several advantages including:

  • Saving money on printing, postage and labor
  • Timely access to the information (no waiting for report cards to arrive in the mail)
  • More secure. Nothing can get "lost in the mail"

Whenever report cards are generated in Aeries, they can be archived to Report Card History. This produces a PDF file of the report card which can be easily viewed by parents, students, but also office staff who may want to view the report card at a later date. This process works for Standards Based SBG report cards, as well as secondary GRD report cards. In addition to information being available in the parent portal, this same information is viewable in the mobile portal app.

Once the PDF report cards are generated, a mass email can be sent out to all parents/students via your communications platform such as Aeries Communications. A link directly to the parent portal could be included in this notification.

As parents and students log in, the date and time of their last login is logged as part of their portal account PWA table, and the portal usage log PHL table. This data can then be used to determine which parents have likely not viewed the report card.

After a period of time, and as a follow-up, a mailing via US Mail could be sent to those parents if desired, or alternately include in a communications message that your district will not be printing report cards, but can request one via a certain method.