At this time only users logged in with an Admin-level account can access the Load State Learning Standards page.

The update/load process will import any new standards into the Standards (STN) table. In addition, if standards already exist in the Standards (STN) table it will update the standards with any changed data.

The process will also check/update the following related tables that may contain references to standards:

Table NameTable CodeColumn Name(s)
StandardsSTNBID and SD
Gradebook Standard ScoresGBDSD
Gradebook Assignment StandardsGBNSD
Secondary Standards Based GradesGRSSD
Observation CodesOBCSD
Standards Based SetupSBESD
Standards Based GradesSBGSD
Standards Based HistorySBHSD
Standards Based CoursesSBRSD
Standards Based Template DetailsSBDSD
Teacher StandardsTSDPSD
Exam Question StandardsEXSBID and SD

NOTE: The following tables/fields are not supported at this time:  Exams (EXM.BID), Exam Questions (EXQ.BID), Exam Question Choices (EXC.BID), Exam Passage Text (EXT.BID), Exam Versions (EXV.BID)

The next article will go into greater detail on how to use the Load State Learning Standards page to import or update standards in Aeries.