Although the Aeries Gradebook may not be a full Learning Management System, assignments can be communicated to students and parents and instructional content can be attached to gradebook assignments using the "Teacher Briefcase" feature.  Similarly, completed work by students can be uploaded into Aeries using the "Student Backpack" feature.  These features are free to ALL Aeries Customers. Check out the Gradebook file upload documentation for details.

In addition, Gradebook descriptions will allow the pasting of URLs and they will automatically become clickable links the parents and students can view. This is useful when you want to describe additional details, or link to additional resources. Check out this Links in Gradebook article for more information.

Another useful feature is to set up an Online Meeting link for your teachers. See video below for information.

School and District staff can create messages that display prominently on parent, student, teacher, and user home pages. Check out the documentation here.