This feature has been greatly enhanced with the 3/26/2020 version or later. Global Messages is a feature where School and District Messages can be displayed to users, teachers, parents, or students on the home page when they log in.

The messages displayed here are displayed prominently on the home page in Aeries, and can feature formatted text, images, and advanced formatting.

Each message can have a certain expiration date, and multiple messages can be displayed. When there are multiple messages, the most recently edited messages are displayed first.

Note: Users viewing the messages do not need any particular security. All users within one of the four category will see the messages on the home page regardless of security.

To edit or create messages, navigate to the Update Global Messages page. Users will need to be granted permissions to the Update Global Messages (WGM) security area to manage messages.

To create a new message, click Add New Record. This will present a full editor where the message can be composed.

An expiration date should be set for the message. Messages will only display on the home page if the expiration date has not passed. For example, if the message expires 3/24/2020 then it will be displayed until 3/24/2020 at 11:59 PM. If the expiration date is left blank, the message will not expire and will always be shown.

Check the boxes appropriate under Show to to display this message to the appropriate groups. Options include Teachers, Parents, Students, and Users/Administrators.

The message body itself can be edited to display any formatting using the editor. Advanced formatting can be inserted by clicking the code button </>.

Messages that are created at the school level are displayed only when users view the home page at that school. If the message is created at the district-level, it is displayed to the user regardless of which school they log into. It is noted in the bottom right corner of each message whether it is a District Message or School Message, along with the last updated date and time.

Note: data is stored in the WGM (Web Global Messages) table.