This Aeries training is designed to be an overview of the pages and reports that are used in Aeries. Attendees will gain an overall understanding of Aeries Navigation Tree setup and the pages and reports housed within the nodes and branches. During the session, the following will be reviewed and demonstrated:  search for students, accessing pages and reports, and using Freshdesk resources.  It is designed to be a bird’s eye view of the Aeries system so that attendees have a basic understanding of the possibilities, functions and uses that will be pertinent to their areas of work.


Time Allotment

This Aeries training session is 3.5 hours.

Target Audience

This session required for all Aeries Web users.


Expected Outcomes

Upon completing this Aeries training session, attendees should be able to:


  • Login to Aeries Web
  • Customize User Settings – Reset Password, Customize Home Page and Enable State Reporting Fields
  • Manipulate the Navigation Tree
  • Locate various Pages and Reports
  • Add Pages and Reports to Favorites
  • Enter Tasks and Calendar Information
  • Search for Student Using Various Criteria
  • Flag Students
  • Add, Delete, Edit and Save Data
  • Select Report Options and Run Reports in Various Output Formats
  • Logout