The Combine Student Records page allows a user to combine the records of a student with two Student IDs. After the user selects the Student ID to keep, the “Load Records” process will scan certain STU-related tables and all IDN-related tables associated with the selected students including custom tables. The user will have the option to keep or drop each record from the specified tables. After reviewing records and making selections, the user has the option to ‘DEL-tag IDN for the dropped ID’.  This option only shows if the student IDs are different and will be selected by default. Clicking on “Combine Student Records” will start the process following a confirmation dialog window. If there are issues, the process will not run and an alert message will display with any issue(s) to address. After records are combined, an alert message will display confirming a “successful” outcome.


NOTE: This page is only available to Admin type users.


NOTE: This process should be used when a student has two separate records, with two different Student IDs, at two separate schools in the district. This process should not be used when a student has two separate records at the same school - in this case, one student record can simply be deleted. 

The Combine Student Records page can be accessed from the navigation menu by going to School Info > Functions or by filtering Pages using the keyword “combine”.



The first step is to search for the student records that you wish to combine. 

The “Select Student 1” will be the student record whose Student ID you wish to replace. This will likely be the record with the most recent Student ID and is the student’s currently active record. 

The “Select Student 2” will be the student record whose Student ID you wish to keep and is the student’s record with their original Student ID. This will likely be an inactive record in the inactives school.



The student search field will accept a last name or first name and will return all possible matches. Spaces or commas are not accepted. It is assumed that the user is aware of the two Student IDs that are duplicated so searching by Student IDs will return more accurate results. 



Use the dropdown list under the Select Student 1 header to search for student 1. Click on the record to select it.


Use the dropdown list under the Select Student 1 header to search for student 2. Click on the record to select it. 


Select the appropriate bullet to decide which Student ID to “keep”, Keep Student ID for Student 1 or Keep Student ID for Student 2. An alert will be displayed if the user has not selected an option.




Click the mouse on the Load button to load the records. A message appears warning you that any delete-tagged records relating to the selected students will be permanently deleted. Select Yes to continue or No to cancel. 

In the example below, Thomas Michael Jones was previously enrolled with Student ID 75500009. He left the district during his 8th grade year and his records lives in school 999. He later came back to the district and enrolled as a 9th grade student in school 994. At this point he was given a new Student ID, 75500012.

We are going to use the Combine Student Records form to update the Student ID in his New Student record (Student 1) to the original Student ID (Student 2) and merge the related records. 

The system will scan the database for the related records associated with the two student records. Once complete, the screen will display the STU Table RecordsSchool-Based Student Records, and ID-Based Student Records sections.




The green check mark next to “Student 2” indicates that ID 75500009 will be kept. 

The Reset Page button will clear the student IDs in order to perform a new search. 

The Push Pin icon will keep the student information section pinned to the top of the page by default and as you scroll down, the student information will always remain visible unless the icon deselected.

STU – Table Records

The STU - Student Data section displays fields from the STU table containing different data between both records and allows you to select the field values you wish to keep. By default, the data from the Student 1 record will be selected to be kept. The Select All button can be used to quickly select fields from either Student 1 or Student 2.


In the example below, the red boxes indicate the data that I have selected to keep from the Student 2 record while merging in the rest of the data from the Student 1 record. This is based on my intent to keep the Student ID from Student 2 prior to loading records.


School-Based Student Records

Records that are SC/SN based will be displayed if data exists for either student. This includes custom tables defined in CTD. By default, the data from the Student 1 record will be selected to be kept. Select any field values from the student record that you would like to merge into the student record previously selected as the Student ID to keep.




ID-Based Student Records

All ID-Based tables will display, including custom tables defined in CTD, and will contain records for one or both students. A record count is displayed for Student 1 and Student 2.  Review each of the tables listed on the page by expanding each section. Select or de-select records and fields as appropriate. 




Each table contains a blue information message describing whether the table is one-to-many or one-to-one. By default, the one-to-many tables, such as CON, ENR, HIS, and TST will have all records selected to be kept. If there are any records that you do not want (for example, the old Contact records or duplicate Test records) then click on the checkbox to remove the check mark. 



The None button can be used to quickly de-select all records. 

The Only Student 1 button can select records that belong to the Student ID designated as Student 1.

The Only Student 2 button can select records that belong to the Student ID designated as Student 2.

For the District Analysis Qualifications (DAQ) table we highly recommend that either Only Student 1 or Only Student 2 or None is selected. Selecting All could create DAQ records with overlapping dates which would make analyzing historical information difficult.


One-to-One Tables

The one-to-one tables, such as IMM or LAC, will display data with different field values. Records for Student 1 will be selected to be kept by default. Review the information and select the field values that you wish to keep. Either of the Select All buttons can be used to select all fields from either the Student 1 record or the Student 2 record.




Parent-Dependent Tables

Tables that are dependent on a parent table will not be processed. Instead, they will update automatically based on what happens to their parent records. Dependent tables include DSP and its parent ADS, or PGS and its parent PGM.


For example, if an ADS record is transferred to belong to the kept student, then all related DSP records will automatically have their PID and SQ updated accordingly.


Combine Student Records

Alert messages with different validations may display at the bottom of the page. Please ensure that any potential issues are verified prior to combining records.


In the example below, the message states that there are multiple STU records with Student ID 75500012 at multiple schools. If more than two records exist for the same student, you should run this process for each Student ID record until you reach the final two records to combine.

Selecting the option to Delete-tag IDN and ID-based records NOT Merged from Student ID# 75500012, will delete-tag the IDN record for 75500012 and any records not selected to keep. Typically, this option will be selected. 

Once all of the tables have been reviewed and all selections have been made, click on the Combine Student Records button. 


A final warning will allow the user to continue with the combine process by clicking Yes or may cancel by clicking No.


Select the Yes button to combine the students. Once the process complete, a green message with a check mark will display on the screen.




The Combine Student Records process updated the Student 2 record (Student ID 75500009) with the data from Student 1 (Student ID 75500012). Language Fluency and Reporting Language did not contain data for Student ID 75500009 and this data was merged in from Student ID 75500012.



The Student ID that was replaced is copied into the Old Stu ID (STU.OID) field on Student Data 2 for reference.



The related tables were updated with the records/fields that were selected. Our example chose not to include CON records from Student ID 75500009.





NOTE: The Testing Pass Status (TPS), College Entrance Requirements (CER),  CA College and Career Indicator (CCI), and Teacher Student Associations (TSA) tables are not updated during the Combine Student Records process but will be updated during normal Aeries usage. If picture replacements occur (PIC) and do not update immediately, a browser cache refresh is needed.

For districts using Google Integration, the students' G Suite accounts should be carefully reviewed to determine if there is any need to transfer data and/or delete an account.

Any third-party system integrated with Aeries may need to be individually reviewed/updated with the student's updated student id/information. Such integrations may include: Nutrition systems, Library Management systems, Assessment systems, and State Reporting.