While there are many ways to share the data within AeriesWeb with external sources, the Ed-Fi initiative is a standard that seeks to unify the way data is shared between disparate systems. Rather than exporting csv files, using proprietary data extraction tools and applications, 3rd party sources to manage data transfers, etc. , the Ed-Fi standard provides a common translation methodology for handling data exchanges using APIs. Many 3rd party vendors, products, and data resources are adopting the Ed-Fi standard.  AeriesWeb is Ed-Fi version 2.x and version 3.x certified which provides an additional pathway for Aeries' LEAs to seamlessly communicate with many external resources in near real-time.

More information about Ed-Fi can be found on their website at https://www.ed-fi.org/what-is-ed-fi/

Districts interested in Ed-Fi with Aeries can contact Aeries to request more information. District's can now use Ed-Fi in AeriesWeb.

Configuration Pages

Mapping Data

Note: Detailed Aeries mappings for Ed-Fi are available for download here 


Resolving Errors

Scheduled and Real-Time Processing

Note: The current layout of forms and features are still in development. Additional information and documentation will  appear here as Aeries updates Ed-Fi related forms.