Navigate to Supplemental Attendance > Supplemental Attendance Log.

The Supplemental Attendance Log page is used for logging Supplemental Attendance session check-in and check-out information. This page limits to the sessions that meet for the current day. There is a Monitor Session feature that when enabled will automatically check for and display students added to a session from another computer or browser. The list of students Checked-in/out today will display descending by time. 

The Supplemental Attendance Log page has the following options:

  • Session - Select the Supplemental Attendance session to monitor
  • Show Student Photo - When selected and a photo is available, it will display the student photo on the log
  • Show Student ID - When selected will display the Student ID (STU.ID) number on the log
  • Show Grade - When selected will display the student grade (STU.GR) on the log 
  • Show Status - When selected will display the status of the student (STU.TG) 
  • Allow Log to Fade When Monitoring - This option will automatically "fade" the list of students every 5 seconds. This will only apply once Monitor Session is also selected. 
  • Monitor Session - Selecting this option will minimize the options accordion and the navigation pane. In monitor session mode the page font will also become larger. In monitored view, the log will automatically check for students added from another computer or browser every 2 seconds.
  • Student ID + [Go] button - Enter in a Student ID to Check-In (or Out) and hit [Enter] or [Go] button

When students are checked in or checked out of a session for the current day the Supplemental Attendance Log will display the list of students as shown in the screenshot below. 

When Monitored Session is selected, the options and navigation areas will become minimized. The Supplemental Attendance Log page will display in a larger font and view. In Monitored Session mode, the log will automatically check every two seconds for students checked in or checked out from different computers. If the Allow Log to Fade When Monitoring option is also selected, the Monitored Session list of students will automatically fade every five seconds. This option only applies when students checked in or out from a different computer. 

If Monitor Session is deselected, the page font will go back to normal size and the log options will again display on the page. Automatic checks for new students will stop occurring as well as the allow fade feature if that option had been enabled.