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The Copy Data From Summer School page is only available when logged into the District. The page can be found in the navigation under the Scheduling Process node and then the Summer School section. Make sure you are logged into the Database Year you want to copy the records INTO.

Information Section

On the Info section of the page, an overview of the process is listed:

Copy Data From Summer School is used to copy summer school records into the current schools. Follow the steps below to start the process.

1. In the School tab, select a Database Group, then check summer schools to copy from  and schools to copy to. 

2. In the Tables tab, select the tables you want to copy.

3. Choose to include Update Transcript History.

4. Select options and click "Copy Data to Schools" to process.  

Schools Sections  

In the Schools section, select the Database Group and Year for the database from which you need to copy the summer school data (i.e., the source database). The Database Group and Year selections come from the connections file set up by the system administrator. 

Once a source database has been selected, the From Summer Schools section on the left hand side will contain a list of all schools in that database will be displayed that are configured as a Summer School (Session Type = Summer LOC.U = 1). Select the summer schools where the data to be copied is located.

Select the schools in the To Schools section where the students are currently located and where the data will be copied to.

Tables Section

Select the Tables where data is located in the summer schools that will be copied into the To Schools from the left side of the page. Use the arrows at the bottom middle of the page to move the tables to the Tables To Copy section on the right side of the page.  

If copying ADS - Assertive Discipline data from the summer schools, the DSP - Disposition table should also be selected. If the EXP - Expulsion, VIC - Victims, or WIT - Witnesses tables are populated, they should also be included.

NOTE: The GRD - Grades and HIS - Transcript tables are not listed in the Tables section.  The next section, Update Transcript History, will allow transcript records to be copied.  More information is available in the next section.

Update Transcript History Section  

The Update Transcript History section will copy HIS - Transcript records from the summer schools into the To Schools.  

Note: Because this copies HIS - Transcript records from the summer schools into the To Schools, it is imperative that the GRD - Grade records are copied to the Transcript with the correct Year and Term in the summer schools FIRST.  

In the summer schools, GRD - Grades must have already been copied to HIS - Transcript with the correct terms and year as the To Schools.  GRD - Grade records cannot be moved directly from the summer schools into Transcripts in the To Schools during this process.  Also, all Course IDs used in the Summer School MUST exist in the To Schools.

To copy HIS - Transcript records, click on the Include HIS check box.  The following options will display:

HIS Year to Copy:  Select the Transcript Year (HIS.YR) that the Grades were copied to the Transcript in the summer school.  

HIS Term to Copy:  Select the Transcript Term (HIS.TE) that the Grades were copied to the Transcripts in the summer school.

Note: If the schools you are copying TO use a different Transcript Term designation for Summer courses than the summer school(s) you are copying FROM, you will need to Query Change the terms (HIS.TE) in the summer school FIRST to match the Transcript Term used in the TO school.  

Verify the Transcript Definition Terms in the summer schools and the To Schools.  The Transcript Definitions page can be accessed from Grade Reporting | Configurations on the navigation tree.  

Note: If GRD - Grades records have been copied to HIS - Transcript in the summer school for 2 different summer terms, the process may need to be run separately for each term.

A Query can be run to verify the Transcript Courses, Term and Year in the summer school:


Options/Submit Section  

The Date Ranges need to be verified by clicking on the Verify Dates check box.

Note: The beginning date should be either the date summer schools started, OR the day after the rollover, whichever date is latest. For tables that are ID-based, the records from summer school up until the rollover date are already in the new year database, and will be duplicated if the wrong date is used. 

A confirmation message will display:

An email will be generated with information that was processed:

A Process Log will also be generated with the Tables and the total records that were copied.