The Results tab contains the Process UC ELC Data button. Click this button to determine which students will be included in all four of the extracts. A processing message will display while the system is creating the student lists. Once completed, the processing message is replaced with a blue information box listing the last updated date and time. 

All four student lists are populated once the Process UC ELC Data completes. In the below example the top 70 students based on class rank are included in the results. 70 was the number of 11th grade students to include in the General option. The number of Students Selected indicates how many  of the top 70 students have parental consent to be included in the UC ELC extract. Students that are not checked do not have the parental consent flag defined in the General option.

Each of the columns in the list can be sorted and filtered. Click on the column header to change the sort order from ascending to descending and back to the default sort. 

The GPA column identifies the GPA that was used to determine the Class Rank. In the below example the Weighted Academic GPA was used to calculate the Class Rank.

The Filter icon can be used to limit the records in the list. In the below example the Include field is being filtered for only students that are being included in the UC ELC extract.

Students can be manually checked or unchecked to be included in or excluded from the extracts.