At schools that allow entry of Primary and/or Alternate Course Requests using the Student or Parent Portal, the Course Requests Entry page can be accessed from the Classes dropdown. 

In preview mode for the new version of the Portal, the navigation is on the left:

A Parent/Student Portal Course Request Entry page is displayed below. This page will allow entry of Primary and Alternate Course Requests.  On the right, the courses within the Course Request (CRQ) table (by grade level) can be displayed using the filter. The CRQ table must be populated and set up for parents and students to view the courses here; see the Update Course Request Options documentation for more information. The student's existing course requests, if any, will display on the left side in the Course Requests area of the page, ordered by Subject Area

Click the Question Mark icon next to each course to display Course information. Click the X to close the popup.

To remove a course request, click the delete icon next to each course. 

A confirmation pop-up will ask if you are sure you want to delete the record.  If so, click the Yes button in the pop-up.  

Note:  the delete option next to a course request will be displayed only if the course is not locked or scheduled as a section. 

The Filter Courses area can be used to filter for a specific course Name or a specific Subject Area.  Enter the name, partial name or course number into the Name or Nbr field or select a Subject Area from the dropdown.  Press the Enter key or click the Search button to search. In the example below, the filter for English in the Subject Area produced the following available results:

To request a course, locate the course from the Filter Courses menu and click the Course hyperlink. If more information is about the course is needed, click the question mark button to the left of the Course hyperlink.

A pop-up will display allowing you to select whether this course will be added as a Primary or Alternate Course Request. For this example we are adding a Primary Course Request. Click on the Request Primary button to add your Primary Course Request. 

Once a course has been requested, it will display on the left side of the Primary Course Request Section of the Course Requests Entry page.

Alternate Course Requests

If the option Allow Parents/Students to edit Alternate Course Reqs was selected on the Portal Options Scheduling tab, Parents or Students can add Alternate Course Requests. The page will display an Alternate Requests column in the Primary Course Request section where alternate courses are managed, and a separate Alternate Course Requests section.  

To add an Alternate Course Request select the course hyperlink. 

A pop-up will display allowing you to select whether this course will be added as a Primary or Alternate Course Request. For this example we are adding an Alternate Course Request. Click on the Request Alternate button to add your Alternate Course Request.

In this example the English 10 CP (0302) course has been added an an Alternate Course Request. Additionally, the school in this example allows up to a maximum of three Alternate Course Requests. An additional English course SH Eng Lit I (0325) has been added as well. 

Setting Alternate Course Request Priority

The Parent/Student can set the priority of alternate course requests and link alternate course requests to primary course requests. Once the priority is set, if the primary course is not available the first alternate course will be scheduled first, if the first alternate course is not available then the subsequent alternate course will be scheduled. There is no limit to the amount of courses that can be linked. However, schools can set a limit to the amount of Alternate Course Requests that Parents/Students can select. 

To set priority, alternate courses need to be sorted in the desired order to be scheduled. To sort Alternate Course Requests, select the Priority Sort button. 

The Alternate Course Requests window will enter edit mode with a drop and drag feature that allows each Alternate Course Request to be moved. A Move button with a vertical arrow will display to the left of the delete button. The Parent/Student can select the Move button of the Alternate Course Request(s) that need to be adjusted. The Alternate Course Request can be moved either up or down and placed in the desired position. Click the Done button once alternate course requests are placed in the desired order. 

In this example the English 10 CP course was placed in the first position and thus will be given priority over the SH Eng Lit course when scheduling alternates. 

Linking Alternate Course Requests to Primary Course Requests. 

Once the priority of Alternate Course Requests is set the student can link the Alternate Course Requests to the selected Primary Course Requests using the Manage button in the Primary Course Request section.  The Manage button is used to link one or more alternate course requests to a primary course request. The number of alternate course requests assigned to a primary course will also be displayed. There is no limit to the amount of alternate courses that can be linked to primary courses.  

Select the Manage button to link alternate course requests to primary course requests. 

Selecting the Manage button will open the Manage Alternate Request Association window for the selected course. The alternate courses will be listed in the priority order that was previously set. The parent/student can then select the check mark to the left of the alternate course or courses that will be linked to the student course request. Click the Save button to save the selections and close the window. 

In the example below the parent/student has linked two alternate courses to the English 10 (0311) course.