Arena Scheduling provides a mechanism by which staff/students/parents can record their preferred times for taking classes in the future. After Course Requests have been entered, and the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) has been built for a future term, the Aeries administrator can initiate a window of dates for Arena Scheduling to take place.  Students/Parents can participate in this process by identifying  their preferred class times via the Aeries Portals.    

Before Arena Scheduling can be used, the following items must be in place:

  • The permitted dates, grade levels and any Online Schedule Groups for Arena Scheduling must be set in Portal Options
  • The security for the Student / Parent Portal Groups must be set
  • The Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) for the future term must be in place
  • Course Requests for the students must be assigned 

Note: Arena scheduling is currently in BETA. Using the Schedule All Students function will change any sections selected using Arena Scheduling.


Portal Options

To set the allowable dates for Arena Scheduling, select the Scheduling tab in Portal Options.   

Enter the desired start and end dates for SMS Catalog viewing and Arena Scheduling by grade level.

If a custom grouping of students will be used, enter the desired start and end dates for SMS Catalog viewing and Arena Scheduling for each Online Schedule Group.

Online Schedule Groups 

Online Schedule Groups (custom grouping of students) can be created for any desired set of students. Groups are created by adding records to the Code Table for the STU.OS value. 

To add students to a particular Online Scheduling Group, set the desired value in the Online Scheduling Group field on the student's Course Request/Schedule page. The COD.CD value created for the group (see the previous step) will be stored in the student's STU.OS field. 

Note: The  Online Scheduling Group field will only appear on the Course Requests/Scheduling page if the Code Table contains one or more STU.OS records.

Wait List 

Scheduling Setup

There are several options for the Wait List feature. Once enabled, students can be added to the Wait List on any section if that section is full. This is done when using the "View MST" or "View SMS" popup windows. After attempting to add a section to a student, the system will ask a user with appropriate permissions if they would like to add the student to the Wait List for that full section. Students can also be added directly from the Scheduling Master Schedule and Master Schedule forms. Students on the Wait List can also be re-ordered or removed from the list.   


Select the desired options to enable Wait List functionality 

Portal Group Security

To view the SMS Catalog, the Portal Group requires READ permissions to SMS and SSS.

To make Arena Scheduling updates, the Portal Group requires READ permissions to both SMS and SSS, UPDATE permissions to SSS and Insert permissions to SWL.

Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS)

Creating the Scheduling Master Schedule is its own process. Additional information regarding how to create a Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) can be found here.

Course Requests

Creating student course requests can be done in several ways. The method chosen to create the Course Requests is a District preference. Additional information for creating Course Requests can be found in the Student Course Requests documentation. 

SMS Catalog

To view class schedule availability, select SMS Catalog under Scheduling Process.


Arena Scheduling 

To access Arena Scheduling and select actual periods for future classes, select Arena Scheduling under Scheduling Process. The Arena Scheduling form provides current information regarding class availability and the number of open seats remaining if any.

The legend in the bottom center of the form depicts the current status of each class in the Scheduling Master Schedule:

If the Wait List functionality has been enabled under Scheduling Setup  (see above), the following icon will appear instead of the red "X" icon for "No Remaining Seats". 

If a student is currently on the waitlist for a particular class, the wait list icon will contain a green check mark.

Available class instances are shown in the main body of the form, along with the number of available seats during a particular period.

To make a period selection for a course, click the center of the circle in the chart that corresponds to the period desired for the course identified on the same row in the left-most column. 

To remove the selection(s) prior to saving your choices, select the Reset button just above the chart.

To save your selections, click the Save Changes button.

Note: When selections are saved, the SSS.SE field will be populated with the appropriate section number. In the current BETA version of Arena Scheduling, the selections cannot be changed via AeriesWeb once the Save Changes button has been pressed. 

Student / Parent Portal - Arena Scheduling

Students and Parents can access Arena Scheduling by selecting Classes > Arena Scheduling menu option from the Portal's main menu. 

Note: For Arena Scheduling sections to appear in the Portal, Arena (SMS.ARmust be set to "YES"  .