The EESD-9600 Application can be run from the student’s Early Childhood Development page. The information on the EESD-9600 application is populated based on student data in Aeries and is based on the eldest sibling receiving Early Childhood Development services, however the application can be generated from any siblings Early Childhood Development form. For families with more than five students an additional written application will be needed.  To generate a family's EESD-9600 application click the Print icon located at the bottom of the page.

Additional student data required in order to generate the EESD-9600 application includes:

1. A Family Key in the student's demographic page which is identical for all siblings to be printed on the EESD-9600 application. 

2. In the student’s Free and Reduced form, the student’s Family size (FRE.NO) and Family monthly income (FRE.MO).

3. A linked Parent/Guardian in the student’s demographic record, or if linking is not being used, a Parent/Guardian designated as the Primary Contact (CON.PC), The Ed Rights Holder (CON.ERH), or Lives With (CON.LW) in the student’s Contacts form.

The student’s Family Eligibility Status and Reason for Needing Services printed on the EESD-9600 form is based on data entered on the student’s Early Childhood Development form, data entered in the student's Free and Reduced Form such as TANF number, family size and monthly income information, and Special Ed information if applicable. The Parent/Guardian Military status is based on Military Information provided in the student’s Contacts form.