As part of the CASEMIS to CALPADS (aka C2C) transition, the CDE updated from using the CASEMIS Table A and Table B formats to using the CALPADS Special Education Program and Student Services formats in the 2018-2019 school year.  Below is a list of the fields in the Student SPED File and the Student Services File as per the CALPADS File Specification v11. Please note that several Special Ed fields have new or updated code sets from the CASEMIS codes. These new codes are effective for the 2018-2019 school year forward.  Aeries has been updated with the new code sets. Most old codes should still show a description; however, some existing codes were given a new description as part of the C2C transition.  For this reason, Aeries recommends updating student Special Education records to use the new codes.  

(Student)  Special Education Program File:

Field #Public NameAeries Table/FieldNotes
14.01Record Type CodeN/A
14.02Transaction Type CodeN/A
14.03Local Record IDN/A
14.04Reporting LEACSE.DS
14.05School of AttendanceCSE.SS
14.06School of Attendance NPSCSE.SS
14.07Academic Year IDN/A
14.08SSIDSTU.CIDUsed for matching to STU record. Does not update STU
14.09Local Student IDSTU.IDUsed for matching to STU record. Does not update STU
14.10Local Special Education Student IDCSE.SEI
14.11Student Legal First NameSTU.FNNot used
14.12Student Legal Last NameSTU.LNNot used
14.13Student Birth DateSTU.BDUsed to determine age. Does not update STU
14.14Student Gender CodeSTU.SXNot used
14.15Reporting SELPACSE.SE
14.16District of Special Education AccountabilityCSE.DR
14.17Special Education Referral DateCSE.IRD or CSE.RDDepends on MeetType and PLAN_TYPE
14.18Referring Party CodeCSE.IRB or CSE.RBDepends on MeetType and PLAN_TYPE
14.19Initial Evaluation Parental Consent DateCSE.IPC or CSE.PCDepends on MeetType and PLAN_TYPE
14.20Special Education Meeting Type CodeN/A
14.21Special Education Meeting DateCSE.LI, CSE.LIF, CSE.IIE, CSE.IE, or CSE.LADepends on MeetType and PLAN_TYPE
14.22Student Special Education Meeting or Amendment IdentifierN/A
14.23Meeting Delay CodeCSE.EDL, CSE.IDL, CSE.BDL, CSE.TDLDepends on MeetType and PLAN_TYPE
14.24Education Plan Type CodeCSE.PT
14.25Education Plan Amendment DateN/A
14.26Primary Residence CodeCSE.RS
14.27Special Education Initial Entry Start DateCSE.ED
14.28Disability 1 CodeCSE.DI
14.29Disability 2 CodeCSE.DI2
14.30Infant Regional Center Services Eligibility IndicatorCSE.SL
14.31Special Education Program Setting CodeCSE.FI, CSE.FP or CSE.FSDepends on student age
14.32Preschool Program Setting Service Location CodeN/A
14.33Ten or More Weekly Hours in Setting IndicatorN/A
14.34General Education Participation Percentage Range CodeCSE.IRC
14.35Special Education Program Type CodeCSE.IS
14.36IEP Includes Postsecondary Goals IndicatorCSE.TR1
14.37Postsecondary Goals Updated Annually IndicatorCSE.TR2
14.38Postsecondary Goals Age Appropriate Transition Assessment IndicatorCSE.TR3
14.39Transition Services in IEP IndicatorCSE.TR4
14.40Supportive Services IndicatorCSE.TR5
14.41Transition Services Goals in IEP IndicatorCSE.TR6
14.42Student IEP Participation IndicatorCSE.TR7
14.43Agency Representative IEP Participation CodeCSE.TR8
14.44Special Transportation IndicatorCSE.ST
14.45Parental Involvement Facilitation CodeCSE.PI
14.46Special Education Program Exit DateCSE.XD
14.49Special Education Program Exit Reason CodeCSE.XR
14.51Student Ethnicity Missing IndicatorN/A
14.52Student Race 1 CodeN/A
14.53Student Race 2 CodeN/A
14.54Student Race 3 CodeN/A

Student Services File:

Field #Public NameAeries Table/FieldNotes
15.01Record Type CodeN/A
15.02Transaction Type CodeN/A
15.03Local Record IDN/A
15.04Reporting LEAN/A
15.05School of AttendanceN/A
15.06School of Attendance NPSN/A
15.07Nonpublic Agency Identifier (NPA)N/A
15.08Academic Year IDN/A
15.09SSIDSTU.CIDUsed to link Services records to Student records. Does not update STU
15.1Reporting SELPAN/A
15.11District of Special Education AccountabilityN/A
15.12Student Special Education Meeting or Amendment IdentifierN/AUsed to link Services records to Student records
15.13Special Education Service CodeCSV.CD
15.14Special Education Service Provider CodeCSV.PR
15.15Special Education Service Location CodeCSV.LO
15.16Service Frequency CodeCSV.FR
15.17Service DurationCSV.DU
15.18Local Special Education Student IDN/A