Error Message: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

Things to check:

  • Base AIR URL in the Aeries database needs to match what is the Enrollment database
    • Can also commonly be a typo entered into the Base AIR URL

Error Message: "Start-up Error: Unable to access event log. Please run setup utility to create event log. Click here to try again."

Download and extract the attached to this article "".  Once extracted, run "CreateEventLog.exe" on the webserver where Aeries Online Enrollment is installed.

Error Message: "Unfortunately an error occurred..."

Occasionally an error will present itself in the web browser of Online Enrollment like the below screenshot.  This is a generic error message that indicated to the Aeries Administrator that the real error message has been logged to the "Aeries Internet Registration" log on the web server's Event Viewer.

The error message in the log will have more detailed information as to what the real problem may be.

Error Message: "The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."

This error message generally indicates a protocol issue on the web server.
To test your webserver, enter the Online Enrollment URL on this site:
The site will test for common vulnerabilities and report the results.  (This site is not owned or operated by Aeries).

If the site indicates that vulnerabilities have been identified, a free and easy to use tool can be run on the web server to quickly remedy these issues:

Download and run the utility.  Select the "Best Practices" button the "Schannel" and "Cipher Suite" tabs.  Reboot the webserver and the error should be resolved.

The IISCrypto and TLS 1.2 Configuration Support document contains a packaged version of the IISCrypto utility that follows our standards in the Hosted Environment.

Error Message: "'?', hexadecimal value 0x??, is an invalid character."

This error message can occur when a parent copies data from a webpage and pastes it into a field in Aeries Online Enrollment.  Certain characters that are hidden, but are there none the less, cause this error.  The question mark values can vary and will indicate what character to look for.  If this occurs, please contact Aeries Support and we can help with locating and clearing out the invalid character.