Self hosted districts may encounter issues with older versions of TLS running on their Web and Reporting Servers. 

Current technology standards require TLS 1.2 and higher, so these fixes are necessary to secure the server and allow communication with outside vendors/products.

The Zip file within this article contains the fix needed to adjust the necessary settings on Aeries Web and Reporting Servers. This fix will help with various products and functions including Online Enrollment, Aeries Communications, Electronic Test Scores, etc.

The "AeriesForceTLS_IISCrypto.Zip" file contains multiple files seen in the screenshot below;

The README.txt file contains instructions.

The IIS Crypto License can be found Here.

These steps are provided as a set of recommendations based on the server configurations in our Hosted Environment, and should be used in conjunction with current security practices/procedures.

The attached zip file is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty and Aeries Software Inc. assumes no liability. 

If there are any questions prior to running this process, please contact Aeries Support.