The following is a list of known vendors who integrate with the Aeries Student Information System in one way or another, and when available, their supported methods of integrating. Each vendor will have specific requirements, recommendations, and options for integrating. It is recommended to reach out to each vendor to find out their requirements and best practices before integrating. The Aeries API is typically the preferred method of third-party vendors obtaining Aeries data when possible.

DISCLAIMER: This list is provided for convenience in quickly identifying 3rd party vendors and if they have a known integration with Aeries SIS. This list of vendors is not intended to imply any kind of endorsement or guarantee of any kind by Aeries Software or by the Vendor. Also, there may be fees imposed by third party vendors for certain types of integrations. Also, this list may not be a complete list of all vendors or all integration options. Some vendors may be Aeries Partners who we have an official relationship with, while others are not necessarily endorsed or supported by Aeries Software.

If a customer or vendor has any information to update this list, please contact Aeries Support.

Integration Notes
Attention 2 Attendance (A2A)Attendance ManagementTheir DataRobot service runs on server and queries data from SQL
Aeries Communications powered by Signal Kit (Aeries Partner)CommunicationsSignal Kit uses the Aeries API to pull data from Aeries. We use Signal Kit's API to perform certain actions such as sending Attendance Notifications.
Aeries Financials powered by Livingtree (Aeries Partner)
We use Livingtree's API to send and receive payment information.
Always Be Learning (Abl)Master Schedule BuildingAeries API
ApptegyCommunicationsAeries API
Blackboard ConnectCommunicationsAutomated Extracts or custom tool
Canvas (Aeries Partner)LMSOneRoster API
ClassLinkSingle Sign-OnOneRoster csv uploads.
Clever (Aeries Partner)Single Sign-OnAeries API. Clever supports sending data to many different vendors via their own system.
CareDox (Aeries Partner)MedicalAeries API
CerticaData ValidationAutomated Extracts
DecisionInsite (Aeries Partner)
Enrollment Demographics
Automated Extracts. We also use their API for address validation.
Duo (Aeries Partner)
2-Factor Authentication
We use their API to provide Duo 2-factor. No data is transferred to Duo.
Online CoursesAutomated Extracts
EscapeFinancialsAeries API details here, or Escape custom import within Aeries.
eTritionFood ServiceOneRoster API
Follett DestinyLibraryAutomated Extracts
Google ClassroomLMSWe use Google's API to send data to Google Classroom. We also use their API to import Google Classroom data to Aeries Gradebook.
Aeries API
Hayes Software TIPWeb (Aeries Partner)
Asset Management
Aeries API. We also use their API to display asset information in Aeries.
Hero K-12Attendance ManagementCSV Uploads
Illuminate (Aeries Partner)
Aeries API. Illuminate uses our API to push grades to Aeries Gradebook.
Imagine LearningAssessmentsCSV Uploads
IO Education (Aeries Partner)
(Formerly EADMS)
Aeries API. We also provide SSO into IO. IO uses our API to push data to Aeries Gradebook.
Meals Plus (LINQ Nutrition)
Food Service
Aeries API or Automated Extracts
Food Service
Aeries API
NavianceCollege and Career ReadinessAutomated Extracts
Food Service
Automated Extracts
ParchmentDocument ManagementDocufide printer driver used to upload transcripts to Parchment. Extracts to upload student data to Parchment. May use API in the future.
PeachJarMass EmailsCSV Uploads
Food ServicesCSV Uploads
Renaissance Learning
Aeries API or Automated Extracts
SchoolCity (Aeries Partner)
Aeries API. We also provide SSO into SchoolCity. SchoolCity uses our API to push data to Aeries Gradebook.
School MessengerCommunicationsODBC (Connection to SQL)
SEISSpecial EdExtracts
SIA (School Innovations and Achievement)Attendance/Behavior SolutionsAutomated Extracts
SIRASSpecial EdAeries API
Titan (Aeries Partner)
Food Service
Aeries API. We also provide SSO into Titan from parent portal. Aeries NSLP Import is used to import Titan data into FRE in Aeries.
TraversaTransportationCSV Uploads
USPSAddress VerificationWe use USPS API for zip code address validation.