Pathway Code 999 is a reference code CALPADS uses to identify Introductory courses that can be offered in more than one pathway within the Industry Sector. Pathway Code 999 is never assigned to a student. 

For example:  According to the Career Technical Education Course Code Definitions by Sector and Pathways 2017-18 Users Guide, State Course Code 7100 is under Pathway code 999 and is listed under the Industry Sector for Agriculture and Natural Resources. Any Introductory course with this State Course Code can be listed under any Pathway Code within this sector which include Pathways 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106. This one course can pertain to the multiple Pathways a district may offer. This Introductory course can be assigned to a specific pathway using the Career Pathway Dashboard or the Career Pathway tab under Courses, as illustrated below.