The Master Schedule is utilized to display and update the school’s current master schedule in the MST table.  When this form first displays it will only display the first section number in the table. 

Many fields are populated according to the district-level course record once a Course is selected.

The MST table contains a record for each section or class currently offered and is accessed by section number. Many schools assign section numbers by period.  For example, section numbers 300-399 are third period classes. Section numbers cannot be larger than 9999.  All forms and reports will not accept section numbers larger than 4 digits.

Note: While scheduling for the current year, changes made to an MST record will automatically sync the changes to the matching SMS record. 

From the Pages navigation tree, search for Master Schedule.

This form displays the following information pertaining to the section:

  • Section Number, Period, Block, Semester, Course link, Teacher link, Role, Room Number and Section Tag information 
  • Credits, Program, Hourly Program, Exclusions, ADA, Supplemental Attendance link and Multiple Teacher information 
  • Grade Range, Scheduling Group, Team Course Group, Team Number, Semester Group, Track and Scheduled Days 
  • Class Maximum, Total Number of Students and Totals by Gender (these totals are recomputed whenever a class is displayed)
  • (California only) CALPADS Reporting:  Educational Service, Language of Instruction, Instructional Strategy, Funding Source, CTE Provider, Independent Study identifier, Distance Learning identifier, and Itinerant Teacher tag.
  • For Texas State Reporting, see MasterSchedule Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules.
  • District User Fields
  • Class Website
  • All Students currently assigned to the section
  • The form can also be used to move students, individually or by class, from one section to another or drop them from the class.