The Financial Statement Report will generate a statement of each student's transactions in the Aeries Financials system, as well as information on the next scheduled payment due. It is intended to be mailed to the parent/guardian and/or student as a notice that an upcoming payment is due and to serve as a remittance slip. Running this report requires the user to have Read permission to the Financial Transaction Details security area.

Report Options

The options for the Financial Statement Report are shown below.

Start Date & End Date - Students will be included if their next scheduled payment due date is between these dates. The default range is one month from the current date. Note: Students with no payment schedule set up will also be included unless the option to Skip Students without payment schedule is selected.

Show All Charges (ignore dates) - All of the student's charge transactions will be printed, regardless of the date

Show Charges before end date - All of the student's charge transactions dated on or before the End Date will be printed

Skip Students with zero balance - Students will only be included if their Remaining Balance is greater than zero. Also, if they have a payment schedule, their next amount due must be greater than zero.

Skip Students without payment schedule - Students will only be included if they have a payment schedule set up.

Using Pre-Printed Letterhead - If this option is selected, the school's address block will not print, leaving a blank area for the pre-printed address on the letterhead.

Footer Text - This text will print at the bottom of each student's Financial Statement. Note: The Footer Text can be customized for each school.

Report Sample

Below is a sample of the Financial Statement Report.

If the district has Edbacker integration turned on, and the student has a Payment Portal, then the Financial Statement will include a link to the Payment Portal, as illustrated below: