For Admins, staff and teachers the CAASPP Paperless Scores page can be found in the navigation under Student Data | Test Scores or by typing CAASPP in the filter. It is available in both the District and School levels. 

For students and parents the CAASPP Paperless Scores page can be found under the Test Scores tab.

When the CAASPP Paperless Scores page is first opened for a student an electronic call is sent to CAASPP requesting the student score report(s). CAASPP will determine the validity of the request and either return a link to download the student score report or an error message.

It is important to note that the link to the student score report is only available for 30 minutes, after that time the link expires and a new link will need to be requested by clicking on the here link in the blue information box at the bottom of the page or by simply refreshing the page.

If a student's score report is available the CAASPP Paperless Scores page displays the Test name, Year, Grade and a link to the score report in the form of a button. If the student's score report is not available a message will display in the Additional Info From CAASPP Paperless System column. CAASPP will provide links to English and non-English score reports based on the student's correspondence language in CALPADS. If the student has a non-English correspondence language, then a link to an English score report will be available in addition to a link to a non-English score report if that translation is supported by CAASPP.


Clicking on the English or non-English button will open up a view of the CAASPP Student Score Report in a new tab. It is important to note that this URL is only available for 30 minutes. After that time a new request needs to be made to CAASPP for the student's score report.

A copy of the student's score report can be downloaded and saved to the computer or it can be printed by using the appropriate icons in the preview window.

If a link to the student's score report cannot be returned a message will display under the Additional Info From CAASPP Paperless System column. Normally these messages will be returned from the CAASPP system, but two messages are returned from Aeries:

  • Internal error occurred - this message is generated when the AWS Access Key and AWS Security Key are incorrect on the School Options page.
  • Student does not have a Statewide Student ID (SSID) assigned - this message is generated when the student's SSID is not populated in Aeries. Students must have an SSID in order to request a student score report from CAASPP. 

The messages returned from CAASPP include:

  • Student identification number not found 
  • Student does not have any test data 
  • You are not authorized to make this request  

NOTE:  CAASPP uses the data in CALPADS to determine which LEA the student belongs to. It is very important to update CALPADS often with student enrollment data.

NOTE: For the beginning of the 2018-19 school year the CAASPP Paperless Scores node is limited to the pilot LEAs. Later in the 2018-19 school year all LEAs will have this node available. 

Updated Information (10/10/2018):  Aeries recently participated in a Vendor Meeting with ETS to discuss the implementation of the CAASPP Electronic Student Score Report. Based on the results of the Phase I implementation and feedback from the pilot districts ETS is working on a few modifications to the process that includes protocol for LEAs to establish Electronic Reporting Credentials in TOMS. Over the next several months SIS vendors will be working with ETS to test this new credential process. ETS is expecting that LEAs will be able to create production credentials sometime on or soon after February 2019.