Options for the Teacher, Parent, & Student Portals, are integrated into the Aeries Web Version and are controlled through security access permissions and the Portal Options page.  The Portal Options page can be accessed from the navigation tree under the School Info | Portal Management node.

The Portal Options page displays a school list on the left side of the form.  There are seven tabs for various options:  Attendance, Grades, Gradebook, PFT, Scheduling, Miscellaneous and Parent Data Changing.

Security changes may not take effect for up to 5 minutes due to caching.


NOTE:  After changes are made to any of the pages the Save button must be clicked to submit the changes.

NOTE: Only an 'Admin' type account can update Portal Options while logged in at the District Level. A 'User' type account with access to the district (School 0) must be logged into the school to update a school's Portal Options.