Middle School courses (foods, industrial arts, etc.) should not be assigned the same Aeries course number that is associated with a high school course that has been identified with a CTE State Course Code (CBEDS) code (7000 - 8999 series) and is included in a Career Pathway.  During CALPADS certification, districts will get a CERT 122 error since the course will not have any Career Pathway association.

Middle school courses should use a separate Aeries course number, that is not associated with a Career Pathway, but uses the same Career Technical Education (CTE) State Course Code (CBEDS). The section will still require CTE Provider reporting information (typically - District).  

Instead of using a CTE State Course Code (coded 7000 - 8999), another possible option for middle schools is to create a course and use the State Course Code (CBEDS) for an Exploratory/Wheel/Enrichment/Activity (code 6024) course.