The Sibling Lookup tool allows users with appropriate permissions to see a list of a student's potential siblings based on several criteria including last name, phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses. The Sibling Lookup tool is available on the Siblings form, the Student Demographics form, and the Contacts form.

Note: Because the Sibling Lookup potentially exposes information on other students, for security and privacy reasons it is never shown to Parent or Student users regardless of their permissions.

The Sibling Lookup works the same in all three places and is accessed by clicking the Sibling Lookup button.

Each potential match will show relevant fields from the other student's record. Fields that match will be highlighted. Each row also includes a Match counter, which is a number between 0 and 100 that indicates how strong the match is based on the amount of fields in common. The best match will appear on top, and so on.

If the potential match is based not only on student demographics (STU) but also on Contacts (CON), then the Contact Match column will display a "Y". Click the row to display details about the matching Contact data.

Once you have decided to associate the current student with one of the potential matches in the Sibling Lookup, click the row, then click the Match to Selected Family Key button. The student record will be updated with the selected Family Key.

If none of the potential matches are the student's actual siblings, click the Create New Family Key button. The student will be assigned an unused Family Key, indicating that there are no siblings for the student.

Note: If the student does have a known sibling, but that sibling is not shown as a potential match in the Sibling Lookup, you can manually enter the correct Family Key in the Family Key text box. The input will save immediately.