Aeries links multiple students together by a numeric field called Family Key (STU.FK). Student with the same Family Key will be displayed on the Siblings form, as well as linked in various reports such as Avery 5160 Labels (with the 1 Per Family option) and the Students with Siblings report. Generally the family key is assigned when the student is added to Aeries and should not need to be changed; however, should you need to change the family key it's easy to do.

The Family Key is displayed on the Student Demographics form along with a button that links to the Siblings page.

The Family Key is also displayed at the top of the Contacts form.

Siblings Form

There is a page under Student Data | Other that displays the current student and a list of all of the student's siblings (based on having the same Family Key).


Access to Sibling information is granted via a security area called Student Siblings Data.

Users with Read permission will be able to view the Family Key and the Siblings form. Users with Update permission will be able to use the Sibling Lookup tool (detailed in a separate article) to match a student to an existing Family Key or create a new Family Key for the student. Users with Mass Update permission will be able to use the Mass Assign Family Keys page (detailed in a separate article).