Session Description

Aeries is constantly changing and adding new features. Learn about great new features of Aeries and how your district can take advantage of them. Also, learn about our plans for the future of Aeries and see where we are headed.

Session Content

Camden Iliff (Vice President of Product Development) and Kevin Praeger (Core Product Manager) and Lynn Heatherly (Texas Product Manager) will explain the Aeries features planned for the future.

Session Presentation

Session Outline

Finishing out the School Year

  •  Flex Scheduling
    • Elementary w/ Flex Master Schedule
    • CON Parent Ed Level and Parent Names
  • Aeries Client - AdminCS
    • Streamline Database Update Procedures through Aeries Web

Student Data Change Notifications

  • Includes Parent Approval / Comments on Data Changes in Aeries
  • Allows for parents to be notified of any change to student information on any page in Aeries

  • Optionally allows parents to respond to these changes and leave notes about the changes

  • Creates a New, Unified Notification Platform:

    • Report and Long Running Process Notifications

    • Data Validations

    • Academic Plan Change Approval

    • Weekly Progress Emails and Grade Change Notifications

    • Next Step Processes for New Student Enrollments


  • Recently Added:
    • Formative/Summative Transfer Grades
    • Adding Assignments – Remembers last values
    • Dashboard Usability – Fewer Clicks
  • Coming in Weeks:
    • Display Dropped Students from # Days
    • Pushing and Pulling Assignments Between Schools
    • Better Gradebook Rules
    • Assignment Flag to Do Not Drop
    • Effective Start Date
    • Apply to Formative/Summative Assignment Types
    • Apply to Specific Terms / Grading Periods
    • Assignment Date Range
    • Minimum # of Assignments to Start
  • Coming in Months:
    • Custom Marks defined by the district
    • Multi-Section Gradebook Security with Mixed Teachers
    • Gradebook Score Notifications to Parents and Students
    • Student Deletion Protections
    • Restore 1 Student or 1 Assignment
    • Google Classroom – Default New Assignment Type
    • Mass Create Gradebooks for Teachers
    • Better display on Scores by Class page
    • Gradebook Notifications for Elementary Gradebooks
    • Gradebook Score Colors

Grade Reporting

  • SBG and GRD in the Same School
  • Grading Snapshots / Progress Reports – will allow report card-like progress reports to be centrally generated without teacher interaction from the gradebook

Future of Scheduling

  • Making Daily vs Period Attendance and GRD vs SBG independent options for any school type
  • Flex Scheduling for ALL schools (2022-2023 school year)
  • Elementary School Scheduling with a Flex Master Schedule will be streamlined with specific features
  • Elementary Schools, will turn into “Schools with Primary Class Identifiers”

Market Leadership

  • “Strive to do things no other SIS has ever even considered.”

  • Development Visibility and Customer Engagement:

  • Forum posts on upcoming/active development items and projects

  • Emphasis on and more surveys

  • "Aeries Live API"

  • Extensions Marketplace

What's on our RADAR?

  • Equity and Engagement Toolkit
    • Enhancements will be made to Aeries Analytics to provide metrics on Equity and Engagement
  • 504 Plan Revamp
  • Many requests have been submitted for the 504 plan feature in Aeries. We will tackle some of them and improve data quality and data management processes.
  • System Utilization Dashboard
  • Student Health and Mental Wellbeing Tracking
  • MTSS and PBIS systems
  • Online Enrollment
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Validation