Session Description

In “Student & Staff Account Automation with G Suite”, participants discover the advantages of leveraging Aeries to automate student and staff account management with G Suite & Google Classroom. This session will delve into the seamless authentication and ID management capabilities enabled by automation through APIs, allowing districts to streamline their 1:1 device initiative. In addition, participants will learn advanced techniques for interfacing Aeries SIS with Google systems, including the technical configurations required.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will:  

  • Acquire the knowledge to configure integration between Aeries and Google G Suite for both student and staff account management 

  • Recall the steps involved in setting up Aeries to utilize Google for authentication purposes 

  • Discuss how Aeries and Google systems can work together to enhance the learning experience 

  • Discover the ability to automate student and staff account management using G Suite, to improve efficiency and productivity 

  • Explore the potential benefits and challenges of seamless integration between Aeries and Google systems 

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