Session Description

In “Aeries Hosted Services” participants are provided an in-depth overview of Aeries Hosted Services for schools and districts. Designed specifically for Aeries customers who are not currently hosted by Aeries Software, this session focuses on the advantages of moving Aeries to the Cloud and the features offered by Aeries Hosting.   

Note: This session is intended for Aeries customers that are not currently hosted by Aeries Software.

Session Content

In this session, participants will 

  • Discover the benefits of Aeries Hosting and evaluate its impact on accessibility, security, and IT infrastructure costs 

  • Understand how to compare the features and functionalities of the Aeries Hosting environment with on-site management 

  • Discover and identify the advantages that Aeries Hosting offers to schools and districts 

  • Examine the process of navigating and utilizing the features in the cloud-based Aeries environment 

  • Distinguish between the Aeries Hosting environment and other cloud-based solutions in terms of benefits and features 

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