LDAP Configuration

In Aeries Web under School Info > School Options at the district level, enter your LDAP connection in the following format:

(If your LDAP server is and your domain is eagleusd.org)

  • Secure (recommended): LDAP://,dc=org
  • Unsecure: LDAP://,dc=org

If you don't know the LDAP server information, the following steps may help to figure that out. To setup LDAP authentication in Aeries you need to know two things:

  • The Hostname or IP address of the LDAP/Active Directory service
  • The domain tied to your Active Directory server/LDAP Server

If this information is not known, it can be gained easily from the command prompt by running ipconfig /all from a computer on the internal network, and looking at the DNS server settings. Most likely this is the IP address of the LDAP/active directory server.

Setting up user accounts

Specify the user type as an Active Directory user, admin or teacher. Their User Name must match their active directory username. For example, if the username in active directory is jdoe@eagleusd.org or EAGLEUSD\jdoe then the username here should be jdoe. Note: The user will be required to enter the username in the way in which it's entered here. If you don't want users entering the domain as part of the username, it should not be included in the UGN record here. 

When the user logs in, they can now enter their AD username and password and Aeries Web will authenticate the user’s credentials against your Active Directory server.