Aeries does not recommend adjusting the timeout value beyond the default of 20 minutes.  However, if your district decides to extend the timeout, here are the steps necessary to make the adjustment.  These changes need to be made on the Aeries web server (or servers) by a systems administrator.

First, open Internet Information Services (IIS).  Choose the root of IIS:


Select the ASP icon:

Expand the Services sections, locate the Time-out variable and adjust it to your desired value.  For security purposes, this value should not exceed 40 minutes.

Second, select the root of IIS again and locate the Session State icon:

Under Cookie Settings, adjust the Time-out value to your desired value:

Lastly, locate the Application Pool that your Aeries site(s) are using, right click the application pool and choose "Advanced Settings...".  Under the Process Model section, change the value of "Idle Time-out" to your desired value: