Parents and guardians get a birds-eye view of any absences or tardies on their student's record, helping them stay informed and maximize student success.

Main screen

When you view the Attendance screen, you'll see a running list of any and all absence records on file for the student, going as far back as the beginning of the year. The date will be shown in the left-hand column and you'll either see an all-day description/code (if the absence is an all-day absence) or you'll see a period breakdown showing you when exactly the absence took place.

Attendance Details - period attendance

Tap on a period-based absence record to open the absence details window. This will give you the full description of the absence. *

All-day absence note

For all-day absence records, there is no drill-down details window because there is no additional information to display.

* Absence Details Window

Attendance Details - Daily Attendance

In a school using daily attendance, the absence code will display the full description of the absence.

In a Flex School, the flex period short title will display along with the start and end time of the Flex Period. Beneath the flex period will display the course title for that period. If there are multiple absences within a day, they will be listed within the same date eliminating the need to open any additional windows.  The absence code will display under each flex period when an absence code is populated for that student.