Now you can celebrate that A+ as soon as the assignment is graded in Aeries! Clear, detailed and beautiful gradebook assignment readouts are always at your fingertips in Aeries Mobile Portal.


When you view the Grades screen, you'll see a list of the student's classes and/or gradebooks. This list mirrors what you would see in the "Class summary" section of Aeries Web.

If available, a letter grade will be displayed on the right-hand side for each class, for a quick at-a-glance look at how the student is performing across all classes in the summary.

Grade color meaning

Cells that contain a letter grade like A - F or a 0 -100 percentage will be shown color-coordinated. A+'s are bright emerald green, As and Bs will show on the greener side of the spectrum, and grades like Cs, Ds and Fs will show in a darker red color. This helps to provide you with additional at-a-glance understanding of student progress, without having to deeply analyze the class summary.

In the event that your course uses Rubric grading or some other unique grade mark the cell will simply show as light gray.

Disable Grade Colors 

An option has been added to the More button -> Settings page

Toggle the button off to hide the colors on the Grades page

When the toggle is off the Grades page will display the letter grades in a gray shade.

Assignment Categories

Tap on any course shown in the grades list to drill down to assignment categories for that class. Viewing assignments broken down by assignment category is useful for gauging specific areas of improvement or success for a particular student - e.g., perhaps they are under-performing when it comes to homework assignments, but generally excel in other areas.

Course Assignments

Tap on any assignment category - or scroll down to and tap "Overall" to view all assignments together - to drill down to the assignment list for that category. For assignments that have already been graded, the assignment score will show.

While viewing a course's assignments, tap on the class name again to return to the main list of classes.

Assignment Details

Tap on any assignment listed in the course assignments drilldown to view the assignment details. Here, you'll see information like:

  • Category - the type of the assignment
  • Description - any assignment description provided
  • Score - if graded, the assignment's score
  • Gradebook - the Aeries gradebook that the assignment comes from
  • Date assigned - the date it was assigned
  • Due date - the date the assignment must be submitted
  • Date completed - the date the assignment was marked completed in Aeries
  • Grading completed - the date when the assignment was graded
  • Comment - the comment entered into Aeries, if any