The Print SELA Conflict Report is a report that performs a comparison of the ELAS codes and dates stored in Aeries to the data stored in the new CALPADS fields (LAC.EAC and LAC.EAD).

The report is available on the Create CALPADS Extracts form on the ODS Reconcialiations, SELA Import tab and then the SELA Import tab.  It is also available from View All Reports.  When run from View All Reports, the following options are available:

An example of the report is below:

The CALPADS Information column will display the information in the new fields that are located on the Language form: ELAS Code (LAC.EAC) and ELAS Date (LAC.EAD)

The Aeries Information column will display the Aeries Language Fluency codes (STU.LF) and the various dates depending on the STU.LF code:

  • LAC.SD for English Learners,
  • LAC.RD1 for RFEPs,
  • Enrollment date for English Only students

The report can be run at any time to verify the student Language information.