The Attendance page can be accessed for information, attendance submission and attendance updates.  Currently enrolled students will display when a teacher logs into Aeries and navigates to the Attendance page.   The teacher's display is determined by the Attendance Portal Options that have been specified by the district.  The Attendance Portal Options determine the following on the Attendance page:

  • Which attendance codes are available to teachers for attendance submission
  • The date ranges which teachers are able to submit or modify attendance
  • The time ranges which teachers are able to submit or modify attendance
  • Whether teachers can view, submit or modify Attendance Notes
  • The number of days that student add/drops are displayed on the Attendance page
  • Any additional student data fields displayed on the Attendance page
  • Lunch Count submission

From the Pages navigation tree, search for Attendance.

The attendance date on the Attendance page will default to the current date and the current date will be highlighted in yellow on the Attendance form. To take attendance, click in the checkbox for the corresponding absence code of "A" for Absent or "T" for Tardy to the right of the student's name.  Attendance submission is effective immediately and there is no need for a Save button. 

The Student data columns on the Attendance page can be sorted. This includes the additional Student data fields that are setup on the Portal Options page to display to teachers. When a column header is clicked on an arrow will display and the column will be sorted in ascending or descending order.

To change the attendance submission date, click the mouse on the Attendance Date dropdown field which is located at the top of the page.  To assist with selecting dates in the date dropdown, the current date is highlighted in green.

The All Remaining Students are Present button at the top of the page is used to submit that all students present for the selected date.

NOTE: Teachers MUST submit Attendance everyday.  If all students are present, use the All Remaining Students Are Present button to log attendance submission.

Once a teacher has submitted attendance:

  • The All Remaining Students Are Present button will no longer display.
  • A green submission date and time stamp replaces the All Remaining Students Are Present button.
  • The Attendance Submission Log registers that attendance has been submitted by the teacher for the specified date.

The Attendance form has Absence Totals that displays a summary of each student's attendance information by attendance type in the far right columns.

If the district requires attendance to be submitted during a specified time range, the ability to take attendance is disabled after the time range has passed. The time restriction is often required to assure that attendance is submitted prior to the time when the auto-dialer will interface with attendance and notify parents of students who are absent or tardy.  The following is an example of a time restriction message that will display on the Attendance page.

Mass Apply Attendance Codes

Teachers can Mass Apply Attendance Codes  on the Teacher Attendance page when the Allow teachers to Mass Apply Absence codes option is enabled in Portal Options. The Mass Apply Att Code button will display on the Blue Class Header when the option has been enabled. The Mass Apply Attendance Code feature will add absence codes to all students in class. However, absence codes added with the Mass Apply Attendance Code feature will not overwrite absences already added for students unless the Force Overwrite option is selected. The Mass Apply Attendance Code feature will not overwrite verified absences. To mass apply an attendance code for all students click on the Mass Apply Att Code button.  

The Mass Apply Attendance Box will display. The down-arrow can be used to select which Attendance Code the teacher will add for all students. 

The Force Overwrite option will overwrite absence codes previously entered by the teacher. Only unverified absence codes will be affected by the Force Overwrite option, verified absence codes will not be overwritten. When finished selecting the absence code click the Apply button. 

The selected absence code has now been applied to all students. The Force Overwrite option was not selected, thus the 'A' absence code was not changed for the first student.