The Attendance page can be accessed for attendance update or display.  The Current Period for the teacher signed into Teacher Portal and all students currently enrolled for that period will display. The Current Period is determined according to the school bell schedule.

NOTE: Attendance MUST be submitted regardless if there are no absences or tardies.

From the Pages navigation tree, search for Attendance.

To take attendance, the teacher can click in the applicable boxes of for Absent or T for Tardy to the right of the student’s name. Changes are effective immediately.

The attendance page uses a visual indicator to highlight student rows. When users hover their mouse over a student row, that row will be highlighted in green.

To change the date or period to post attendance for, click the mouse on the Attendance Date or Period dropdown at the top of the page.

The current date will display in green in the date dropdown.

The All Remaining Students are Present button at the top of the page can be used to mark all students present for the selected period.

After attendance has been submitted for a period, a green message will display the date and time the attendance was submitted.

If attendance was not submitted, a red message will display on the top of the page indicating which period attendance was not submitted for. The period will also show in red in the period dropdown list.  If the school allows back posting of attendance, a red message will display when applicable for the previous day only.

The attendance page has an Absence Totals area on the right side of the page that shows a total of absences that have been given to a student by type of absence.

The Absence totals do not automatically update when an attendance code is clicked on for a student.  After attendance has been taken for a student or period, click the mouse on the Refresh Now button at the bottom of the page which will refresh the absence totals and update the area with the latest totals. Each time Refresh Now is clicked, it will update the date and time that the page was last refreshed.

Certain attendance rules can be applied by the district. They can include restricting the times that teachers are able to post attendance. If the district has restricted attendance to only be taken during the period class time and that time has passed, the ability to take attendance will be disabled. The following is an example of a message that will display to the teacher.